Launch is the ideal place for kids and adults alike to let loose and "fly" while also providing a great environment for families to spend time together. Launch is a service-based, high-margin business model that provides customers with an "Awesome" experience, which will drive repeat business. Launch has also developed a series of marketing programs to help drive revenue and controls for managing labor that helps you optimize your business opportunity while maximizing returns for owners.


Franchises let you enjoy the independence of small business ownership while being supported by the benefits of a big business network. You'll learn from the experience of other owners and leverage our established reputation and image. Launch provides a proven system and has a vested interest in your success! We are with you every step of the way, including:

-   Operational support
-   Provide training in our business model
-   Assist in finding appropriate real estate
-   Proven management, system, policies and procedures
-   Co-op national advertising and proven local marketing
-   Access to an award-winning programmatic digital media buying agency


At Launch, we focus on low operating costs and multiple revenue streams. These include prices, birthday parties, an arcade, a Krave Pizza Restaurant, merchandise and locker rentals. Our industry-leading safety procedures allow us to have the lowest insurance rates in the industry. Other benefits include: 

-   Capability to remotely manage park
-   Fully staffed corporate office for the best support
-   Real estate and site selection support
-   Marketing and social media support team
-   In-house graphics and media production
-   Extensive training program


Lunch manufactures its own trampoline equipment and attractions. This allows us to:

-   Design custom parks with our in-house staff
-   Be flexible and innovative with park layout and attraction creation
-   Keep equipment costs low for franchisees
-   Provide replacement parts


Launch has always strived to be an organization that provides its partners with a fun, dynamic, and fairly competitive environment to help us all grow and flourish to the best of our abilities. We like to think of Launch as one big family. We support one another with the goal that everyone succeeds and performs at the highest level.

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