Launch is a part of one of the fastest-growing family recreation trends. The trend started almost a decade ago with only a handful of trampoline parks and has grown with industry revenues at approximately $680 million according to the industry association.

Each Launch is a year-round family entertainment center featuring giant trampoline jump surfaces, ninja style obstacle courses, climbing walls, laser tag, battle pit, bowling, and more. The arcade and Krave restaurant provide guests with more services while providing additional revenue streams to owners. This makes Launch the perfect social gathering place for date night, birthday parties, family events, corporate events, church outings, fundraisers or just get-togethers in a safe and enjoyable environment.


Investing in a Launch Franchise is more than just owning a family entertainment center. Launch is a family and a community built on the unique abilities and experiences that every single person brings to the table. At Launch, we value safety, transparency, teamwork, commitment, fulfillment, growth and improvement. We set those values in motion with our corporate beliefs:

-   If you build great people, they will build a great company.
-   You can learn great things from your mistakes when you aren't busy denying them.
-   Treat customers like long lost friends that we are excited to see.
-   Be a great neighbor and give back to our community.
-   Families deserve to have an amazing guest experience while creating unique memories that they will cherish.

-   We give ongoing recognition and encourage the personal growth of our team.
-   Safety for our team and safety for our guests. 
-   We provide a clean, organized facility at all times.
-   It takes a team to provide the best experiences; every position and every player is valued.
-   The smallest detail can have a big impact.


While on vacation, Rob & Erin (CEO & Co-Owner) and their family sought activities for the kids on a rainy day. Something special caught their eye, an indoor park with a system of connected trampolines to jump and fly on. After their visit, they knew they had to bring one back to their home state of Rhode Island. Rob reached out to business acquaintance Ty Law, who was also a 3-time Super Bowl champion and NFL veteran, to see if he would like to partner on the venture. With such an exciting concept in active family entertainment, Ty jumped at the chance to start this venture.

After months of research and vetting different trampoline parks, Rob & Ty knew they could do it better, leading them to create Launch. The first Launch Trampoline Park opened in 2012 in Warwick, RI, and the second location followed soon after in Hartford, CT, with both locations having tremendous success. From there we were able to replicate and fine-tune our processes in order to franchise our opportunity.


It doesn't seem that long ago that we opened our doors in 2012. However, in terms of our company we are light years from where we started. Our parks are not just trampolines anymore. We feature ninja courses, laser tag arenas, virtual reality rooms, and ropes courses just to name a few. We have maximized our profits by designing our parks with labor efficiencies in mind. We are leveraging our vendors to drive up the revenues and reduce costs, which positively impacts your bottom line.

Launch will continue to innovate to stay at the top of the family entertainment center industry.


S.T.E.R.I.L.E is a full park cleanliness program, developed especially for trampoline parks and family entertainment centers where large groups of people congregate. All cleanliness requirements meet or exceed CDC guidelines and implementations are completed by trained, certified staff. Cleanings are completed before, during and after business hours and utilize hospital grade products that kill a variety of microbes, including Staph/MRSA, Ringworm, Ecoli, Influenza, Norovirus and Coronavirus.

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